Lanny (on the right) was born in Thompson, Manitoba and raised in White Rock, British Columbia.

Scotty was born & raised in Midale, Saskatchewan.  

This makes for some very interesting Labor Day Classic and Banjo Bowl wagers where the loser has to eat something chosen by the winner. The only rule is it must be something that somebody somewhere actually eats and enjoys.

​They first met at a hockey party at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo & then bumped into each other again in a bar (shocking, I know).  They are both big sports fans with the Canadian Football League being their favorite. They are also known to frequent Japanese baseball games, where Lanny is a fan of the mighty Carp and Scotty supports the fierce Swallows.  In hindsight, they could have chosen teams with mascots that were a bit more intimidating...

Lanny and Scotty collectively have been in Japan for almost 40 years.  You would think they would be fluent in Japanese by now.

You would be wrong.

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